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Joken Sukutaulu

Jokke on Syntynyt 18.07 2001

Fin, Ltu, Lv, Est, Balt, Rus, Rkf Ch
Queen Bless Jp Romanee-Conti


Fin, Rus Ch
Beau Savage Jo Flying Away


Lamonia´s Nicklas

Silenzio´s Nitro Dynamit
S Ch
Lamonia´s Petra

S Ch
Silenzio´s Silky-Rubin

Silenzio´s Tuffa Viktor
Int, N, S, Jpn Ch
Silenzio´s Lady Luck

BISS, Int, Fin, Est, Rus, Cyp, S Ch
Connection Tri With Joco

Fin Ch
Joco´s Tri Connection
Fin, S Ch
Connection Tell The World

Fin, Ltu, Rus Ch
Pepejas Fly With Me

Int, Fin, S&N CH, PMV-97, EUV-95
Pepejas Keep In Touch
Candy Station´s Cindy